Lufthansa Cargo will take on the role of anchor partner with global technology accelerator Plug and Play. Based in Sunnyvale, USA, the company is the world’s largest technology accelerator that brings technology startups and companies together. Established companies work with startups on within the Supply Chain and Logistics platform, which focuses on supply chain startups. The goal is to combine forces to further develop and quickly implement new digital solutions. The program provides an opportunity for players in the logistics industry to network with and learn from each other, exchange ideas and drive digitization.

“By working with startups, we get to try out innovative ideas and new technology. These innovations might be the basis for new services for our customers or process optimizations. They are a major factor in the digitization of logistics,” said Boris Hueske, Head of Digital Transformation at Lufthansa Cargo.

"We are very excited to have Lufthansa Cargo on board as one of our supply chain anchor partners as they are a perfect fit for our ecosystem of industry leading corporate partners," explains Mike Zayonc, Founder of Plug and Play Supply Chain & Logistics. "Having partners like Lufthansa Cargo, ExxonMobil, Panasonic, DHL, Prologis, the United States Postal Service, Ericsson, Maersk, and BASF working together to collaborate with the most advanced technologies is a perfect venue to digitally transform any global fortune 500 company's end-to-end supply chain."