Premium Security Stations guarantee maximum security worldwide

Lufthansa Cargo is expanding its security concept by also offering customers at smaller stations maximum-security standards. For that purpose, the logistics carrier has introduced a ‘Premium Security Station’ certification procedure. Once certified, the smaller stations will guarantee customers comprehensive, top-quality security norms surpassing local and national security requirements. Premium Security Stations augment Lufthansa Cargo’s successful security regime already installed at Security Hubs in Frankfurt, Munich, New York, Chicago and Shanghai.

Common to both Security Hubs and Premium Security Stations are security standards that are superior to the norm prescribed by law, they also have a local security officer on the staff and carry out regular auditing. They differ in that Premium Security Stations are set up at locations that are not one of the major hubs operated by Lufthansa Cargo. Harald Zielinski, head of security and environmental management at Lufthansa Cargo: “With our Security Hubs and Premium Security Stations, we can in future guarantee maximum security virtually worldwide. Around 95% of our tonnage is transported through our Security Hubs or Premium Security Stations.”

Up to now, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Mexico, Johannesburg and Amsterdam as well as the Vignate Cargo Terminal in Milan have been certified as Premium Security Stations. Preparations are underway to award other locations a similar status.