TRAXON Europe, the leader in electronic communications and value-added services to the international airfreight industry, has introduced a software program, TRAXON CDMP (Cargo Data Management Portal), to help airlines improve the quality and reliability of their cargo-handling performance across the supply chain. Lufthansa Cargo, which began using the product earlier this month, is the launch customer.

By complementing TRAXON Cargo Management (TCM), based on an application of TRAXON partner British Telecommunications PLC, TRAXON CDMP now offers the perfect solution for monitoring and optimizing the entire shipment process.

TRAXON CDMP is a web-based analytical application that enables airlines to measure and enhance their ability to handle consignments on time. The software measures booking, scheduling, flying and notification upon arrival performance against pre-set milestones, identifying deviations and exceptions from anticipated service levels, and enabling airlines to implement solutions to strengthen their performance.

TRAXON CDMP builds a route map of six essential milestones that mirror the airport-to-airport transaction process from the creation of the electronic Master Freight Air Waybill through physical shipment delivery to the freight forwarder. If a missed milestone is imminent, the user, at its request, receives an e-mail shortly before the milestone is scheduled to take place.

Lutz Grzegorz, Vice President, Global Handling Management, Lufthansa Cargo, commented, ‘Since January 2006 Cargo2000 is the one and only operational quality management system of Lufthansa Cargo. We initially started measuring close to 100% of all our shipments with the TRAXON TCM tool. Since the beginning of November 2006 we switched to TRAXON’s newly developed CDMP software which gives us even more flexibility in analyzing process deficiencies and their root causes. Relying on TRAXON’s CDMP we base our quality management on an internationally accepted monitoring logic which provides comparable data to the airfreight industry. In close cooperation with our forwarder partners we presently strive to significantly increase our flown-as-planned performance using data provided by TRAXON.’

Wolfgang Michler, Head of Projects, TRAXON Europe, added, ‘Launching a complex new IT service into the market is always a big challenge. We are happy that after a period of close cooperation with Lufthansa Cargo we could successfully implement TRAXON CDMP into Lufthansa Cargo at the beginning of November 2006. TRAXON CDMP opens to Lufthansa Cargo a wide variety of options to monitor the process adherence of their whole handling organization as well as at the interfaces to their customers. We are confident that this will give Lufthansa Cargo an additional push towards operational excellence. My recommendation for all quality-minded carriers and forwarders not yet using the Cargo2000 world wide accepted transport quality monitoring logic is to become a member of Cargo2000 and profit from its benefits as well.’