Russia’s Lukoil, British BP and trading firms Trafigura and ATMI will supply Ecopetrol with gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in July, after winning tenders launched in June on the open market, according to Colombian import data and Reuters data.

Since March, Colombia has increased fuel imports while its 80,000 barrel per day (bpd) Cartagena refinery undergoes a major expansion project that will double its crude distillation capacity by the second quarter of 2015.

Lukoil will deliver a 300,000 barrel cargo of gasoline RON 92 on July 1-3 at Mamonal port on tanker Velebit, loaded in the U.S. Gulf Coast. Ecopetrol awarded this tender on June 12.

Another gasoline cargo, same size and quality, is scheduled to arrive in Colombia on July 21-23, delivered by Trafigura after the company won a tender awarded by Ecopetrol on June 17.

A cargo combining 150,000 barrels of ultra low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) and 105,000 barrels of jet fuel will be unloaded at Mamonal port July 11-16. The ULSD parcel will be supplied by BP on tanker Nave Atria, after the company won a tender awarded on June 18.

Atlantic Trading & Marketing Inc (ATMI), one of French Total’s indirect crude trading and shipping subsidiaries, this week delivered a 290,000 barrel ULSD cargo at Pozos Colorados and, according to the data, it will send another one on July 3-5 on tanker Valle Bianca, loaded in Lake Charles.

The Houston-based firm last month delivered four similar cargoes to Ecopetrol at the same port, after winning a previous ULSD tender.

It was not immediately possible to know the prices agreed.

Ecopetrol and the Cartagena refinery last month offered to buy three 195,000-300,000 barrel gasoline cargoes, two 280,000-290,000 barrel cargoes of ULSD, one 251,000-255,000 barrel cargo combining ULSD and jet fuel and one 170,000-180,000 barrel cargo of diluent naphtha, all of them for July.