Agreement includes a 10-year renewal option to allow for growth in container volume

Doug J. Marchand, Executive Director of the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), recently announced the signing of a major new agreement between Maersk Line, the world’s largest container shipping line and the GPA.

‘We welcome Maersk Line’s long-term commitment to the Georgia Ports Authority,’ said Marchand. ‘Because Georgia has made the necessary investments to more than double its container capacity in less than 10 years, the world’s largest container shipping line, Maersk Lines, has taken steps to make the Port of Savannah one of its primary ports of call in the South Atlantic.’

The recent opening of Phase One of Savannah’s newest container berth, CB8, the ongoing increases to container storage areas and other equipment additions are part of the Port of Savannah’s 10 year, $700-million improvement plan to boost container capacity, Marchand explained.

Wim Lagaay, Vice President, Operations for Maersk Line stated, ‘We have contributed significantly to the Georgia Ports Authority’s growth in the past and are pleased to now cement our relationship well into the future. We are confident in the Georgia Ports Authority’s ability to effectively accommodate our requirements through ongoing investments in the ports infrastructure.’

‘We appreciate the confidence that Maersk Line is showing in GPA’s ability to handle its container volume now and in the future,’ said Marchand. ‘Our facilities are second to none and well-positioned to handle this growth.’

The 20-year agreement between Maersk Line and the GPA includes a 10-year renewal option.