Maersk Logistics and First Climate have formed a partnership to extend the portfolio of environmental services to Maersk Logistics clients.

With the assistance of carbon asset manager and global carbon offset provider First Climate, companies that have undertaken a SupplyChain CarbonCheck’, Maersk Logistics’ environmental offering which supports companies in assessing and reducing their supply chain carbon footprint, will be able to become supply chain carbon neutral by acquiring certified carbon credits from First Climate’s portfolio of Greenhouse Gas reduction projects. Thus, Maersk Logistics will be offering a complete supply chain carbon management solution.

Erling Johns Nielsen, Director & Global Head of Supply Chain Development at Maersk Logistics: ‘The partnership with First Climate means that Maersk Logistics is now able to offer its customers a complete solution to manage their supply chain carbon emissions. This represents a new and innovative step in our aspiration to become the supply chain sustainability advisor for our clients’

Jochen Gassner, Director Climate Neutral of First Climate: “The partnership between Maersk Logistics and First Climate is a response to the growing awareness of the importance of transport and logistics related Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Our combined services will provide Maersk Logistics clients with a more efficient and finally carbon neutral supply chain.”