Maersk-Rickmers U.S. flag heavy-lift project carrier recently lifted and moved two 100+ ton range support craft for the U.S. Navy. The largest craft weighed in at 220 metric tons; both watercraft were lifted by Maersk Texas’ powerful onboard cranes (photo). The vessels were loaded on the U.S. West Coast and traveled across the Pacific to their destinations. Maersk Texas will soon transport U.S.-manufactured power plant equipment destined for Turkey. The equipment was financed by the U.S. Export-Import Bank and will be a critical component for a Turkish power generation project led by the industrial company Habaş. When it comes online, the Habaş 800 megawatt combined cycle power plant will be capable of providing power to approximately one million homes. Turkey is one of nine growth countries on which Ex-Im has focused U.S. exports in support of infrastructure investments.

“In addition to Ex-Im Bank projects, the two heavy-lift ships support a variety of U.S. flag customers, including the U.S. military. We’re pleased to move military craft and support Ex-Im financed projects all over the world. The ships’ value to customers is evident in the business we’re receiving,” said Gordan Van Hook, Senior Director at Maersk Line, Limited.

Van Hook added: “We’re also excited about our upcoming journey to Antarctica.”

This winter Maersk Illinois will pay a special visit to the men and women stationed at the McMurdo Station research center in Antarctica. The ship will bring vital supplies to the teams stationed there in support of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) U.S. Antarctic Program. The voyage is a part of an overall operation known as Operation Deep Freeze and was chartered by the U.S. Military Sealift Command in support of NSF.