The City of Beaumont and US Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration, honored the Southeast Texas maritime industry for its response to Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. The event was held in Beaumont, January 31, 2006.

The event featured presentations to the crews of ships, tugs, agencies and organizations for their support during and in the aftermath of the hurricanes.

Deputy Maritime Administrator John Jamian attended the event and presented awards on behalf of the Maritime Administration. Other presentations were made by Guy Goodson, Mayor of Beaumont and Deepak Varshney, Acting Central Region Administrator for the Maritime Administration.

The Southeast Texas maritime industry and employees of the Maritime Administration (Marad) contributed to the response of hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Several Maritime Administration ships in Southeast Texas were activated to assist in relief efforts in and around New Orleans.

Just prior to Hurricane Rita, Beaumont Mayor Guy Goodson made the request to protect emergency response vehicles, equipment and personnel onboard the Cape Victory and Cape Vincent. Both ships are in layberth at the Port of Beaumont. Port of Beaumont officials helped facilitate the request, and Marad responded immediately to accommodate the city and other organizations.

The entire local marine industry, including ports, Coast Guard, Marad, American Bureau of Shipping, ship operators, shipyards, maritime unions, towing companies, agents, and ship chandlers, all came together to provide necessities in getting hurricane ravaged areas back up and running. These people and agencies—in conjunction with the Maritime Administration—proved to be the best and most economical method of supporting port cities after a national disaster.

Jamian, Varshney and the crew of the Cape Victory and Cape Vincent were given plaques by Goodson. Marad presented awards to the following ships, tugs and their operators for their role in hurricane relief in Texas,Louisiana and Mississippi: Equality State, Ocean Shipholdings Inc., of Houston; Sirius—Texas A&M School ship; Ocean Shipholdings Inc., of Houston; Texas Clipper II, Interocean American Shipping, of Voorhees, NJ; Cape Victory, Keystone Shipping, of Philadelphia, PA; Cape Florida, Patriot Contract Services, of Walnut Creek, CA; Moran Towing Company and its tugs, Cape Ann, Lynne Moran, Mary Moran and Helan Moran; Seabulk Towing Services and its tugs, Titan and Hermes.