Mecanica Scientific Services (Mecanica), an engineering and scientific analysis firm, has been selected by Daimler Trucks of North America to provide support to Freightliner customers and handle data imaging services for those customers operating Freightliner products equipped with the Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems, starting April 1, 2021. Mecanica is to provide support for Freightliner customers in the Western United States, with DELTA|v| Forensic Engineering Inc., servicing the Eastern States.

“We are excited to expand our work with Daimler Trucks North America in improving customer support and service for Freightliner customers,” states Bradley Higgins, Group Manager, Event Data Recorders. By using Mecanica, Freightliner customers with Detroit Assurance VRDU will now get a fast response time than was previously provided in retrieving forensic images and data, saving customers time and expense.

“We lead in accident reconstruction,” states John C. Steiner. For nearly twenty years, Mecanica’s engineers have specialized in Event Data Recorders (EDR) and Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (HVEDR) technologies. Additionally, for over ten years, Mecanica has provided forensic data imaging services for a North American Class 8 tractor and bus OEM and their customers. Mecanica now adds this specialized support service for Freightliner customers operating Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems.