Exel announced that its new facility in Nogales, Mexico, was inaugurated in late April by Mexico’s President Vincente Fox. The facility is jointly-operated by Exel and Motorola.

Exel provides inventory management, order fulfillment and finished goods distribution at the facility, which began operations in September of last year. The site joins two existing Motorola plants in the area, which specialize in the manufacture of broadband and high-end automotive electronics equipment. More than 500 new jobs have been added since the facility opened.

At the Nogales plant, Motorola manufactures products and integral calculation solutions that improve aerospace applications, industrial automation and telecommunications. The operation uses cutting-edge technology relating to inventory handling and distribution, and also houses space dedicated to manufacturing automotive electronic equipment.

“President Fox’s visit to our facility is a testament to the outstanding projects being completed by Exel and Motorola in Nogales,” said Jose Nava, Exel’s Vice President, Mexico. “We are privileged to support the supply chain of one of the world’s leading companies. Our collaborative effort in Nogales plays a critical role in maintaining Motorola’s position at the forefront of communications technology development.”

Emphasizing the importance of an electronic technology hub in Latin America, President Fox discussed a long distance education module to be implemented by the Latin American Institute of Educational Communications. All of the broadband communications equipment used for the module will be manufactured at the new Nogales site.