Just a year after Dublin-based EFL International Distribution launched a

pet shipping operation, the forwarder has joined an international pet shipping trade body to further guarantee the quality of its service EFL International has become a member of the Texas-based International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), a non-profit,

its pet shipping services since its inaugural movement of two pet cats become the first company in the Irish Republic to become an approved carrier under the Irish Government’s Pet Passport System.

He says: “Our membership of IPATA crowns a year of success that has seen our pet traffic go from strength to strength and become a very important part of our service offering. That is why we established our Pets on The movement of this live cargo requires EFL International staff to take extra care throughout the animal’s transit: this includes Customs clearance, veterinary examination and documentation checks to ensure a safe and speedy release of the animal to its owner. The service is provided at Dublin airport from a mobile veterinary unit by a registered and approved veterinary surgeon working with a member of EFL International’s pet specialist team on the day the animal arrives into to be transported from Dublin airport to the Government-approved veterinary clinic six kilometres from the airport to complete the required formalities; removing costs, reducing the processing time and avoiding the extra travel for animals which may have already endured
specialist team, on the day of arrival after the incoming flight touches says: “We never forget that the cats and dogs we handle are so well for the creature but a rapid acclimatisation when they reach their destination.
“After all, when a client entrusts their beloved pet to us, they know we

offering. One of Ireland’s foremost independent logistics companies and the long-time exclusive Irish agent of the worldwide U-Freight Group (UFL), worldwide trade association for animal handlers and pet moving providers.As one of only three companies in Ireland accepted into membership, EFL believes that this signifies the growing scale and professionalism of from Thailand to Dublin in summer 2012.

EFL managing director Eddie Mullin considers that IPATA membership is a nice way to celebrate a year of pet shipments since EFL International Board division.”

Mr Mullin adds: “With the mobile unit, owners and breeders importing

dogs and cats into Ireland, no longer have to arrange for their animals long transits from their origin. “Using the EFL service, pet owners benefit from being met at Dublin airport by the mobile veterinary unit, together with a member of our pet down.”

Pets are often well-loved members of the shipper’s family and Eddie and his team are fully aware of the special nature of these cargoes. He loved they become members of the shipper’s family and are living creatures.

“We do everything in our power to ensure the safe and comfortable passage of these living creatures, not only to ensure a relaxed journey will stop at nothing to offer the best in creature comforts to them.”