GRI - General Rate Increase

SCOPE: USA to Far East Ports

Effective April 15, 2021

MSC announced that Effective April 15th, 2021 for all export cargo originating from USA & Puerto Rico to Far East a General Rate Increase (GRI) will be applicable to all service contracts, tariff items and exempt commodities as follow:

  • USD 100 per 20’ Dry and USD 200 per 40’ Dry for all US Ports to Northeast Asia / Southeast Asia

Above GRI does not apply for reefer cargo.

EBS - Equipment Imbalance Surcharge

SCOPE: Australia & New Zealand to USA and Canada

Effective April 12th, 2021 an Equipment Imbalance Surcharge (EBS) will be applicable for all REEFER cargo ex. AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND to USA & CANADA:

  • USD 200 per 20’ Reefer
  • USD 400 per 40’ Reefer