2,924 container moves beats former record se in March

Mediterranean Shipping Company’s 984-foot MSC Alessia is scheduled to arrive at the Port of New Orleans’ Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal Dec. 21, setting container volume records at Port docks.

The vessel will require 2,924 container moves, the highest volume of containers ever handled by one vessel at the Port of New Orleans. All four of the Port’s gantry cranes will be used to accommodate the ship’s general cargo load.

The record-setting container vessel arrives nearly nine months after MSC’s Carolina set high marks for container moves in late March with 2,105. Stevedore P&O Ports, Louisiana worked the MSC Carolina and will work the Alessia, as well.

‘We are truly excited about the continued revival of container volumes in the Port of New Orleans,’ said Terry White, Port Vice President for P&O Ports, Louisiana. ‘Our labor team continues to do an outstanding job of setting the standard for world-class productivity.’

Allen Clifford, Executive Vice President ’ Commercial, for Mediterranean Shipping Company, said the ship’s workload shows the confidence the shipping company has in New Orleans.

‘MSC continues to have full faith in the Port of New Orleans and considers it an important and pivotal port in the entire Gulf region,’ Clifford said. ‘The strength of this cargo continues to show that we are serious about doing business in New Orleans.’

More than 1,100 containers will be coming into the port and about 1,800 will be loaded onto the ship.

‘We truly appreciate the confidence in the Port of New Orleans shown by our shipping partners, especially MSC,’ said Port President and CEO Gary LaGrange. ‘Container business within the Port is returning to normal levels and that is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our customers, terminal operators and the entire Port community.’

Port docks are bustling during the final two weeks of 2006, as a total of 46 ships ’ including 20 container vessels ’ will call on the Port. On Dec. 24, the MSC Alessia’s sister ship, the 997-foot MSC Michaela will call on the Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal.