Oceanwide Inc. has announced the successful transmission of electronic truck manifest information to the CBP’s ACE system on behalf of Mullen Trucking, on October 6th.

This submission was the first live manifest successfully submitted via a third party software provider since CBP began testing the electronic truck manifest in December 2004.

In order to meet the requirements of the 2002 Trade Act all trucks crossing into the US will need to submit Advance Manifest Information through the Truck e-manifest (AMS) service. Truck AMS is the fourth installment of CBP’s automated manifest system, requiring truck carriers to submit electronic manifest information to CBP one hour before any truck arrives at a border crossing.

While CBP has launched an online portal for truck manifest filings, the portal offers no integration with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and many truckers with large shipment volumes have opted to team up with approved third party vendors for e-truck manifest compliance.