Multilink, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Shaw to the position of Vice President for Transportation Products, and the establishment of an ITS Transportation Power Division.

The appointment punctuates Multilink’s dedication to rapidly expanding its Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Department of Transportation (DOT) business to meet growing demand for high quality products and services in transportation related markets.

Shaw, who has held leadership positions at Peek Traffic and the management consulting firm Goldsmith Payne & Company, is a technology executive whose Vice President level positions at Tollgrade Comminications and Cheetah Technologies lead to the widespread use of centralized monitoring of data, video and voice networks in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

“Michael has already become a driving force in establishing a strong product lineup to meet the needs of our ITS customers,” said Steve Kaplan, Multilink Chief Executive Officer. “Michael’s previous successes, and Multilink’s engineering expertise in emergency power, fiber management and cabinet manufacturing have come together to create a powerful and respected choice for our growing base of government clients.”

Multilink’s newly established ITS Transportation Power division will focus on the needs of government agencies deploying Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) or Battery Backup Systems (BBS) at the intersection, and major transportation corridors and tributaries equipped with surveillance, communication, detection and messaging systems.

“Our product lineup,” explained Shaw, “is focused on the requirements of the most exacting clients in the transportation industry, such as those who require military grade UPS systems to provide emergency power to critical applications, sun-shielded ITS enclosures, and fiber optic management.”

The ITS Transportation Power division,” said Shaw, ” is assembling a select group of solution integrators who are highly focused on providing emergency power and network communications to intersections, highway corridors, tolling stations and high security applications.

We are very encouraged by the number and quality of market-leading integrators attracted to our new products and business philosophy.” Additional details are available on the company website at

SOURCE Multilink, Inc.