North America 3PL, LLC (NA3PL) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) have recently signed an agreement for NA3PL to operate a Centralized Examination Station serving the Port of Oakland effective May 5, 2014. This modern facility is conveniently located adjacent to the Port of Oakland and both Class 1 railroads to expedite government inspections and facilitate global trade moving through the Port of Oakland.

While CBP personnel perform the actual cargo inspections, private operators such as NA3PL provide the facility, labor and administrative services to facilitate the inspections. CES operators are selected through a government issued RFP and prospective operators go through a rigorous evaluation process before a private operator is selected.

The new CES operation at NA3PL will for the first time in Oakland, include permanent on-site offices for CBP inspectors at the CES to facilitate timely cargo examinations. The agreement with CBP to operate a CES will be for a minimum term of 5 years and will add a significant number of new jobs to the local economy.

“Our facility will be focused on providing the most efficient handling processes and technology necessary to keep each and every shipment moving back into the supply chain as quickly as possible,” said Clement Chin, Chief Commercial Officer for NA3PL.

“Significant investments have been made to upgrade the level of service and efficiency of a CES operation at the Port of Oakland,” added Chin. We are implementing an innovative new CES software developed in partnership with Descartes to provide customers with real time status information of their shipments. In addition, we have completed capital improvements to facilitate a more efficient flow of goods through this facility.”

North America 3PL, LLC specifically handles the following CBP Inspections:

• Customs and Border Protection Agriculture Examinations

• Outbound Export Examinations

• Trade Fraud Examinations

• Food and Drug Administration Examinations

• FDA Refusal Examinations

• Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team Examinations

• Consumer Products Safety Commission

• U.S Department of Fish and Wildlife

• Agricultural Marketing Service Inspections

• Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service