The NMFTA Board of Directors announced that it accepted William W. Pugh’s resignation as NMFTA’s Executive Director.

Statement from the NMFTA Board of Directors:

‘Bill Pugh has been a valuable member of NMFTA for over 32 years, holding the positions of Executive Director and General Counsel. We recognized Bill’s unfaltering commitment as well as his excellent work accomplished during his extensive tenure with NMFTA. Recently he spearheaded the establishment of the New Organizational Structure and Procedures allowing NMFTA to continue to maintain and develop the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) in light of the Surface Transportation Board’s termination of antitrust immunity for the National Classification Committee’s classification-making activities. We regret to lose Bill’s contributions to the advancement of NMFTA and the Motor Carrier Industry as a whole. We want to extend Bill the best in all his future endeavors.’