The first trial flight of SKY EXPRESS’ B747 -200 has made a successful rotation to Hong Kong. Kostas Mavrikis, previously a long term senior executive with Olympic Airways, is operations director of the revamped carrier.

‘We have prepared very carefully for this launch phase which will go into full operation at the beginning of September. The current aircraft is from Polar and needs a few technical adjustments before full time use. We will receive a further two B747-400s by September which will provide for three regular weekly flights to destinations in the Far East, including Hong Kong and Beijing. Other destinations will be considered once we are operating. The route will be Amsterdam-Athens-HK’

This new venture is backed by a group of Greek and Italian investors, with the company retaining its Greek origin and registration. Athens International Airport is steadily expanding its freighter activities based on its location as an ideal hub for the entire Mediterranean region backed by the integrated efforts of the airport cargo community.