Echo Global Logistics, Inc.,a leading provider of technology enabled transportation and supply chain management services, today announced the launch of EchoTrak Mobile, the company’s first-ever free mobile app. EchoTrak

Mobile allows supply chain managers to easily track and manage shipments with any Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices and Google’s Android phone and tablet platforms.

“Echo continues to leverage the capabilities of today’s technology to its clients, maintaining our reputation as a market leader in innovative solutions,” said Douglas R. Waggoner, Chief Executive Officer of Echo Global Logistics. “Today’s fast-paced logistics environment demands tools that enable superb agility and access to real-time information. EchoTrak Mobile puts supply chain visibility in the palm of your hand, allowing users to stay on top of shipments in transit, rate and save loads on demand and get quotes on upcoming freight for up-to-the-minute logistics planning without being tied to a desk.”

EchoTrak users can securely login to their existing account through the app and access an expansive menu of options to keep the wheels in motion, even while away from the office. With EchoTrak Mobile, supply chain/logistics managers can:

  • Retrieve custom ratings on any domestic U.S. lane
  • Select from multiple carriers, rates and transit times to rate and save loads with detailed carrier rates and cost breakdown available for each carrier rated
  • Use various load boards to track in-transit, booked and delivered loads and setup custom watch lists for personalized tracking
  • Save quoted shipments for further editing and booking in EchoTrak once back at the office.