CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Ecomdash, a full-cycle ecommerce inventory management platform, announced today their integration with Deliverr, a third-party fulfillment company. This new partnership offers a much more affordable multichannel fulfillment option for online retailers.

Founded in 2017, Deliverr offers ecommerce businesses a cost-effective solution for meeting consumers’ seemingly impossible shipping expectations. Priding themselves on being an economical alternative to Amazon, Deliverr’s mission is to help retailers, no matter the size, quickly ship products to their customers without breaking the bank.

“We’re excited about this new integration because it means we can bring fast shipping tags and the conversions that come with it to all Ecomdash sellers,” said Michael Krakaris, Deliverr co-founder. “We’ve already seen 2 and 3x sales lifts thanks to 2-day shipping, and now that’s accessible to merchants of any size.”

With similar goals of helping small businesses grow across multiple platforms, Deliverr and Ecomdash is a perfect pairing. Retailers can leverage Ecomdash to sell their products in more places while using Deliverr to meet their shoppers’ expectations with rapid shipping, all at a bargain.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Deliverr, we are both aligned in our vision to help small & mid-sized retailers compete with the big box stores,” stated Nick Maglosky, CEO of Ecomdash. With this new alliance, Ecomdash users can now sell their products across multiple platforms confidently, knowing they can efficiently manage their inventory, listings, order fulfillment, and shipping operations.