Six new custom-built containerships, all of identical design, are now being rotated into service on the trade route linking Europe and East Coast South America, with the final vessel in the series set for delivery in August. The fourth member of the new fleet, the MONTE ROSA, recently made her initial calls at Brazil’s largest port, Santos.

The new vessels, (5,552-teu capacity, 1,365 reefer container plugs, 23.3 knots operating speed) have the largest containerized reefer capacity of any ships operating in the world today.

Their introduction to this trade route continues Hamburg S’d's steady expansion of owned fleet capacity, following the 2001-2002 introduction of six identical CAP SAN class vessels (3,800 teus, 800 reefer plugs, 22.5 knots) for service on the trade between the East Coasts of North and South America.

Hamburg S’d, a leader in North-South transportation and in the handling of temperature sensitive cargoes, has an additional 16 ships on order (six of 3,200-teu capacity set for 2007 delivery, and ten of 5,500 teus with deliveries set for 2008.) Disposition of those new ships on the company’s global trade routes will be determined by market needs at the time of their delivery.