​With the new app, “OD4mobile,” which is now available for smart phones using the Android platform, customers can log into their online accounts; view bills of lading and shipment details; schedule pickups; stay current on service offerings; find the closest service center; and receive custom and generic shipping estimates.

The app serves as an extension of HYPERLINK “http://www.odfl4me.com/“odfl4me.com, Old Dominion’s popular online portal for customers. An identical app for the HYPERLINK “http://www.odfl.com/news/2013_news/2013.05.17.OD4mobile.shtml"iPhone and iPad launched earlier this year.

“We are always looking for how we can better serve our customers and use technology to offer the best possible experience,” said Chris Young, vice president, OD-Technology.

“This new app helps us accomplish that goal by providing customers with the same premium service they are accustomed to receiving on the phone or through the website,” Young said. “We believe our customers will not only find this new tool easy to use, but it will help them better manage their business.”