​Under the agreement, NYCT will receive sealed containerized MSW from barges and directly load the containers onto rail cars destined for Covanta’s Energy-from-Waste facilities. NYCT will also dispatch sealed empty containers from rail cars and then reload these empties onto the barges for return transport to a New York City (NYC) Marine Transfer Station.

The barge and rail moves for NYC’s MSW represents a significant step towards NYC reaching goals adopted in the City’s Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan. The containerized waste disposal program is expected to greatly reduce current truck based transportation of MSW, thus creating less environmental impact and less traffic congestion in the boroughs of NYC and of the greater NYC metropolitan area.

“This agreement furthers the implementation of the Mayor’s Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP),” said Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty. “The Department is pleased to work with New York Container Terminal and Covanta to advance the key tenets of the SWMP by reducing truck traffic on our streets and transporting and disposing household waste in an environmentally sound way.”

Commenting on the new business contract, Jim Devine President and CEO of NYCT stated, “NYCT, Covanta and New York City’s Department of Sanitation have been working together on this agreement for many years. I am very pleased that we are moving ahead with this initiative. NYCT’s staff and labor look forward to providing safe and reliable service for the next 20 years. This long term agreement will allow us to create jobs while improving the environment by moving to more efficient barge and train transportation.”

In order to provide dedicated service, NYCT is investing in terminal berth upgrades for the barges, new barge-to-shore cranes, and other related handling equipment.