Erin N. Topper Named Member of the CCSB

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. today announced two changes to the Classification Commodity Standards Board (CCSB) Members. Daniel E. Horning resigned from the CCSB completing over 30 years of service to the NMFTA. Mr. Horning brought invaluable industry experience to the Board.

Erin N. Topper named CCSB Member. Ms. Topper had previously held the Packaging Consultant position as a Staff Member of the CCSB. Ms. Topper will perform both the duties of the Packaging Consultant as well as Member. Since joining NMFTA in 2005, Ms. Topper brings to the Board her expertise in NMFC packaging requirements and compliance. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Packaging from Michigan State University (MSU) and expects to receive a Master’s Degree in Packaging from MSU in May 2008. Ms. Topper’s experience includes working for a participating national motor carrier, a packaging association, and in the capacity of package development for an automobile manufacturer. Currently, she also serves as the Project Strategist for ClassIT’, the online version of the NMFC. Ms. Topper is a member of ISTA, IOPP, ASTM’S D10 Committee on Packaging, and NIPHLE.

The CCSB is an autonomous board comprised of full-time employees of the NMFTA. The CCSB is responsible for investigating, considering, and acting on classification matters, including proposals for amending the classification of commodities, commodity descriptions, classes, rules, packaging definitions, specifications and requirements, bills of lading, and any other provisions contained in the National Motor Freight Classification.

Founded in 1956, NMFTA’s mission is to serve as a research and development organization providing the transportation industry with the necessary information to advance and improve their interests and welfare. NMFTA is committed to helping the industry meet the transportation challenges through research, education, and publication of specifications, rules, transportation codes and the preparation and dissemination of studies, reports and analyses.