The value of transborder freight between the U.S. and North American countries (Canada and Mexico) reached $109.2 billion in September 2021 according to data released by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The September figure is a 3.4% decrease from August 2021, an increase of 13.3% from September 2020, and an increase of 7.7% from pre-pandemic September 2019 ($101.4B).

  • Freight between the U.S. and Canada totaled $54.4B.
  • Freight between the U.S. and Mexico totaled $54.8B.
  • Trucks moved $68.6 billion in freight, up 8.1% from September 2020.
  • Railways moved $14.7 billion in freight, up 6.6% from September 2020.
  • Pipelines—the mode with the largest year-over-year relative increase—moved $8.5 billion in freight, up 84.8% from September 2020

Total Transborder Freight by Border Compared to September 2020:

  • U.S.-Canada up 13.6%
  • U.S.-Mexico up 13.0%