Logistics services expert, NVC Logistics Group, has opened two new regional facilities in support of their nationwide transportation programs.

Located in Los Angeles and Chicago, these two new assets will play an important strategic role. In addition to supporting NVC’s nationwide home delivery and return programs, these facilities will provide regional businesses with value-added transportation, warehousing and distribution services.

‘Superior service and dedication to our clients has always been our mission,’ said Paul Henrici, President of NVC Logistics Group, parent of NVC Express. ‘That’s the reason behind our opening these new NVC offices’.

Both the Brea, California and Bensenville, Illinois facilities will have dual roles: a consolidation point for nationwide freight originating in the area, and to provide the local region with value-added warehousing, distribution and transportation services.

‘This initiative makes a lot of sense,’ Henrici said. ‘Strategically, this will positively impact our transit times, provide greater efficiencies, and improve control and management of freight. Both B2B and B2C manufacturers and e-retailers will be able to move their product closer to the consumer. It all adds up to better service for our clients.’

The LA office will be managed by D. Joe Collins, a 25-year veteran of the transportation industry, while the Chicago office will be managed by Sean O’Conor, who has 20 years of experience in operations and process management at major corporations.

In addition, NVC Logistics Group offers an extensive range of high quality services including Reverse Logistics, Installation Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution.