Ocean Carriers Effected a 7/1 PSS

Effective July 1, 2014, transpacific carriers have implemented a peak season surcharge (PSS) for shipments originating in the Far East and Indian subcontinent destined for the US and Canada. Some ocean carriers have offered mitigated rates on a case-by-case basis. The average PSS charges quoted are as follows:

West Coast

$160 USD per 20’

$200 USD per 40’ STD

$200 USD per 40’ HC

$4 - $6 USD per CBM LCL

East Coast

$320 USD per 20’

$400 USD per 40’ STD

$450 USD per 40’ HC

$6 to $8 USD per CBM LCL

There continues to be market confusion. Carriers have also announced an intended PSS for July 15, 2014. Shippers may contact their Deringer representative to determine if their quoted ocean rates will be impacted.

Tropical Storm Arthur Expected to Grow, Could Cause Delays

Tropical Storm Arthur is forecasted to grow into a Category 1 hurricane in the next 48 hours; however, it is not expected to hit landfall. Heavy wind and rain associated with the storm is anticipated to strike the Atlantic Coast, reaching ports from South Carolina north to Massachusetts. Shipping delays may result as carriers, port, and government officials prepare for the storm and eventually resume operation and resolve backlogs. Deringer will provide additional guidance as necessary.