Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (“Odyssey”), a worldwide leader in logistics and technology solutions, announced it has created four new operating divisions comprised of the following supply-chain components: Intermodal, Transport & Warehouse, Freight Forwarding and Managed Services. Given the size and diversity of Odyssey’s business structure today, the new division alignment emphasizes the company’s value proposition for customers across its global service platform and aligns existing business units across common markets, modes and services.

“By consolidating into operating divisions in market-based modal alignment, Odyssey is uniquely positioned to drive synergy, optimization and organic growth from the bottom up,” said Keith Hancock, Chief Executive Officer of Odyssey. “We are creating a combined and concise value proposition that is further enhanced by targeted acquisitions and efficient support structures worldwide.”

Since its inception, Odyssey has acquired 16 companies that form the basis of its current global service platform. As a provider of market-leading multi-modal services and strategic supply-chain solutions, Odyssey transacts more than $3 billion in freight each year for customers worldwide. The new division operational alignment reflects Odyssey’s continued focus on its service offerings and accretive acquisition strategy. Through synergistic acquisitions and organic investment, Odyssey has amassed unique expertise and capabilities across a wide range of sectors including, but not limited to, chemicals, metals, food and beverage and freight of all kinds.

“This new division structure enables us to more effectively manage our collective business, simplifies our logistics market message, streamlines operational reporting and creates business combinations that can more effectively react to growth opportunities given common mode and service platforms within each division,” said Cosmo Alberico, President and Chief Operating Officer of Odyssey.

In tandem with the new divisional structure, Odyssey announced several promotions and new assignments across its Executive Team that will drive the company’s new strategy forward. Glenn Riggs assumes the role of Chief Strategy Officer, Michael Pozzi was promoted to Chief Financial Officer and Laura Sheehy was promoted to Chief Human Resources Officer. The Company also announced that each division will be led by a Division President, naming Ken Stratton (Intermodal), Bill Ritter (Transport & Warehousing), Kevin Kelly (Freight Forwarding) and Charlie Midkiff (Managed Services) to these key roles supporting the new operational alignment.