Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T), a global supply chain logistics services provider, today announced the acquisition of both CMI Freight-Trans and Steel Wheel Transfer, 25 year old companies headquartered in Orland Park, Illinois. www.cmio.com

Now operating together as CMI Logistics, they are a leading intermodal distribution company with a special focus on the metals markets. Through its strategic network of transload facilities, CMI designs customized distribution programs, utilizing the specialized Load and Roll Pallet (LRP) originally developed by CMI, to provide efficient and expedient low-cost transportation into various gateways in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

“Bringing CMI into the OL&T family is a significant win for our clients and Odyssey’s continued expansion across different verticals within the NAFTA region,” said Bob Shellman, president and CEO “We are also happy to report that Jim Darnell, Fred Brandt, and Paul Sever, along with the entire management team, will remain with the company.”

The CMI acquisition bolsters OL&T’s existing and vast intermodal network of containers and ISO tanks. However, Intermodal is just one facet of their services as CMI provides complete supply chain solutions utilizing its network of import/export transload facilities along with commercial and œin-house trucking services to handle drayage and deliveries to railroads and various termination points.

“I believe that Odyssey is the perfect partner to facilitate the continued expansion of our business” said Jim Darnell, founder and president of CMI Freight-Trans and Steel Wheel Transfer. “When combined with Odyssey’s existing intermodal network, we will now have an even more comprehensive and seamless solution to offer our customers.”