Schenker has been providing a great many services practically around the clock for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in recent weeks. At times there have been as many as 400 employees working at the twelve stadiums and at the media centers. Schenker’s team had the support of more than 100 other employees who were involved in the background and in the footballers’ home countries.

‘This is the best World Cup of all time. That goes for the atmosphere and for the logistics,’ declared FIFA President Joseph Blatter recently. ‘We are proud of this tribute, and we are delighted that we, as Official Logistics Services Supplier to the 2006 FIFA World CupTM, have been able to contribute to the success of this great event,’ said Dr. Thomas Lieb, who as a Member of the Management Board of Schenker AG is responsible for worldwide air and sea freight as well as logistics services for major sport events. ‘The performance of our specialists has successfully demonstrated that even if our service to a great extent goes on in the background, in the last resort it is of crucial importance to all those involved.’

Schenker has been responsible for storing, distributing and assembling something like 7,700 monitors for the media grandstands at the stadiums, as well as other equipment. When the monitors are taken down, each one goes back in the box in which it was delivered before the start of the World Cup. For the media, photographers and security teams, 15,150 chairs had to be distributed. Schenker’s responsibilities also included distributing 3,300 table lamps, 1,100 cubic meters of furniture, 1,000 printers, 200 photocopiers and 250 fax machines. In addition the specialists at SCHENKERglobalsportsevents provided 40 specially made containers for the fan embassies, as well as 200 multi-purpose containers for the Organizing Committee and service providers. Schenker has also been working for the teams directly. By carrying out around 250 shipments of team equipment, in close coordination with airports, customs authorities and hotels, Schenker has made it possible for the players to give their full attention to the tournament.

Even star striker Zinedine Zidane had a personal demonstration of Schenker’s flexibility. After a press conference in Stuttgart, he found that he had left his training bag in the car in which he had driven to the stadium. Schenker’s manager on site was able to locate the vehicle, and an employee was passed the bag at the outermost security ring and brought it to Zidane’s cubicle at a run. His efforts were gratefully rewarded with a sweatband in the French national colors.

Schenker will still continue to be actively engaged in the 2006 FIFA World CupTM in the coming days and weeks. The task now is to restore the stadium areas to their original state and to organize the return transport of many different shipments, ranging from crockery to tent poles.