OOCL’s environmental stewardship efforts have been recognized by one of its logistics partners, Baydelta Maritime, in a ceremony in San Francisco on July 1, 2009.

“We commend OOCL on its forward-thinking attitude towards environmental protection’ said Capt. Fred Henning, General Manager, Baydelta Maritime. “They continue to set the bar for the shipping industry in minimizing the risks to the environment.’

Baydelta Maritime, a logistics partner of OOCL, recently welcomed its new tugboat Delta Billie to its fleet at Pier 15. The Delta Billie is equipped with two Caterpillar 3516C main engines that meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier II emissions standards - higher than those set by the California Air Quality Board.

‘This new tug offers a significant reduction in emissions, with 90% reduction in CO2 emissions and 99% reduction in sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions,’ said Mr Henning. ‘The Delta Billie will be joined by its sister vessel, the Delta Cathryn in July.’

‘We are grateful to receive this acknowledgement of our environmental efforts from Baydelta Maritime.’ said Mr. Peter Leng, President of OOCL (USA) Inc. ‘OOCL’s policy is that we believe every business in every industry must proactively work to reduce harmful emissions, and business leaders should encourage sustainable economic’development through innovative and voluntary measures. Baydelta has demonstrated this innovation through its emissions reduction efforts with its new tugboats, and we congratulate the company on these efforts.