As companies continue to focus on improving efficiency and reducing expenses in today’s lagging economy, the Latin America supply chain has an opportunity to drive solutions that add real value for customers. The strategic importance of the region is increasing, and the emergence of highly efficient supply chain services offer adaptable, integrated solutions that improve customer service while cutting overall expenditures.

According to DHL Exel Supply Chain, scalable supply chain solutions, new capabilities and global technology integration are among the specific logistics capabilities customers need to support operations in the region. Since 2000, the company has undergone rapid growth in the region; notably in Brazil, it has increased warehousing space by 10 times and its customer base by 80 times. In 2008 alone, the company added 18 new customers and experienced nearly 20 percent growth with existing customers throughout Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

‘We’re seeing a notable shift from producer-led economies to consumer-led economies characterized by improved stability and standards of living,’ said Jose Nava, president, DHL Exel Supply Chain in Latin America. ‘Economies in Latin America countries, including the Andean region, will continue to mature, which forces enterprises to be prepared with a flexible, visible, integrated and cost-efficient supply chain in order to compete effectively. As a leading 3PL in this region, we’re embracing the responsibility to help customers meet the exciting opportunities ahead.’

DHL Exel Supply Chain has launched a number of initiatives recently that further strengthen its ability to meet changing customer needs in Latin America.