OW Bunker, one of the world’s leading resellers and physical distributors of marine fuel, has announced that it has signed an exclusive alliance with UNIPEC America to provide products at the new BOSTCO (Battleground Oil Specialty Terminal) fuel oil terminal in Houston. The move further expands the company’s physical presence in the region, complementing its existing operations in the Gulf of Mexico and Panama.

UNIPEC America has negotiated the rights to supply bunkers ex-pipe at the new BOSTCO terminal. In conjunction with this, OW Bunker has developed a partnership agreement with UNIPEC America to provide calling vessels with quality products and services from January 2014. OW Bunker North America will utilize its physical supply expertise, as well as its sales and marketing strengths within the region.

“Providing bunkers to vessels within the new BOSTCO Terminal gives us the opportunity to drive further efficiencies into our customers’ operations,” said Keith Richardson, Physical Manager, OW Bunker North America.

“Our physical distribution expertise enables us to provide customers with quality products while they work their cargo, which means that they don’t have to waste time and associated calling costs waiting for a bunker barge at anchorage.”

BOSTCO is a 180-acre terminal with a 7.1 million-barrel capacity, which will include the construction of 57 storage tanks to handle ultra low sulphur diesel, residual fuels and other black oil terminal services when fully completed in 2014.

Phase one of the terminal’s operation has seen the creation of storage capacity for 2.84 million barrels of residual fuel oil and feedstock.

Commenting on the development, Adrian Tolson, Regional Manager, OW Bunker North America, said:

“The alliance with UNIPEC America and the launch of a new physical offering in Houston highlights the significant developments that we have made within the North American market. Our physical operation continues to grow as we focus on driving efficiency and value into our customers’ operations. This complements our reselling operation, which utilizes our global network, financial strength and procurement capabilities, to ensure that customers receive the most cost-effective service possible.”