3PL adds capacity on West Coast

Ozburn-Hessey Logistics announces the opening of two multi-client campuses; one located in Seattle, WA and one in Riverside, CA. OH Logistics has over 19 million square feet of warehouse space nationwide, operating in both multi-client and dedicated environments.

OH Logistics operates 18 multi-client campuses and nearly 100 total facilities.

“We pride ourselves on providing flexibility and scalability to our clients throughout our network,” said Shawn Barnett, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing for OH Logistics. “We had clients who needed distribution campuses in Riverside and Seattle, so we added these locations to our mix, giving us a larger presence on the US West Coast. Currently there are four large clients utilizing these new locations and we have designed the campuses with capacity for additional clients.”

OH Logistics will be providing fulfillment and e-fulfillment services for clients in the new locations. Both locations are utilizing OH Logistics’ Synapse WMS which automates wave planning, returns processing and other warehouse functions, and is web enabled. Synapse interfaces with OH Logistics’ TMS, G-Log’ Global Command and Control Center’ (GC3’) as well as existing client systems, providing clients visibility throughout the supply chain.

“The addition of these campuses supports our strategy of providing a network of logistics hubs that serves our clients’ changing needs,” said John Peddie, OH Logistics’ Chief Operating Officer. “The Seattle area is a great alternative for companies that want to avoid congestion at other ports. The Riverside campus complements our existing campus located in the Los Angeles area.”