Pacer International, Inc., a leading North American logistics and freight transportation provider, announced expanded intermodal services between its Pacer Stacktrain unit and BNSF Railway that allows Pacer Stacktrain to begin full service on their network effective April 1, 2008. Pacer Stacktrain will—for the first time—have access to the entire BNSF intermodal network within the United States. Interline service is available to and from Pacer-served CSX and CN locations.

“We are very pleased to have expanded our service with BNSF. The new Pacer Stacktrain BNSF Double Stack Service is a major milestone for our customers, providing fast and reliable ramp-to-ramp and door-to-door service,” said Pacer International Chairman and CEO, Michael Uremovich. “This service expansion increases our market reach, service level offerings, and capacity in key intermodal lanes. It expands our highly-regarded Stacktrain network, enhancing the excellent product already operating on Union Pacific and CSX.” That service has been provided by Pacer since it acquired Stacktrain in 1999.

Pacer Stacktrain is one of the largest intermodal providers in North America with an equipment fleet exceeding 58,000 domestic containers and chassis. The new service opens access for customers to both the double stack and expedited BNSF service networks, served exclusively with 53-foot containers. The expanded BNSF services will be merged with existing Pacer Stacktrain customer support and equipment reservation processes. PacerDirect door-to-door service will also be available. Gate reservations will not be required for BNSF moves.

“The expanded BNSF service provides new high-value options within Pacer’s intermodal product offerings. Our customers will be able to choose the right service—either on the BNSF or UP networks—that meets their needs in a particular market or lane,” said Uremovich.