Panalpina has signed a global Master Lease Agreement with Envirotainer to provide temperature-controlled air cargo containers for its new cold chain management solutions for the healthcare industry. The two companies have worked together for more than six years in various markets around the world but this is the first time Panalpina and Envirotainer have agreed to a global cooperation. Besides jointly serving the pharmaceutical industry, Panalpina has also agreed to take part in Envirotainer’s QEP program (Qualified Envirotainer Provider) ’ a quality and training program.

Peter Claessens, Global Head of Industry Vertical Healthcare, said: ‘Panalpina might today not be the biggest player in cold chain logistics ’ however we bring knowledge and concepts to the market, which are unique. We have learned from our existing cold chain customers and invested in our capabilities. Now it is time to give other customers access to our network and capabilities. Envirotainer is thereby an important puzzle-piece in our offering to the industry.’

‘Through this closer working relationship, we can offer pharmaceutical customers an integrated door-to-door cold chain in the air and on the ground with our own dedicated capacity and with all the parties involved in the chain under our direct control. Panalpina is managing this process by ensuring customized standard operating procedures that are implemented by all parties in the entire cold chain. Managing our own capacity is thereby an important element.’

Patrick Gueth, Regional Head Europe IV Healthcare, added: ‘The investment in the QEP program is further strengthening our capabilities in that segment as well as increasing our credibility in the market.’

Martin Peter, Vice President Sales of Envirotainer, said: ‘Strengthening the Partnership with Panalpina is an important step for Envirotainer giving access to new clients and new markets Envirotainer is not present today. Panalpina has unique strengths Envirotainer can benefit from.’