INTTRA, the leading e-commerce portal for the ocean freight industry, announced that it will partner with P&B Associates, a leading provider of software solutions for freight forwarding agents, to provide greater control and efficiency to supply chain data throughout Latin America. This alliance will provide a solution that connects the P&B Forward system and the INTTRA e-commerce platform in order to streamline the submission of online shipment documentation. P&B Associates’ Forward 8.0 Software will electronically transfer shipping instruction data to INTTRA’s carrier network.

“As an application and Internet software provider fully devoted to the freight forwarding industry, we see this as a significant agreement that will allow P&B Associates to boost new operational standards in our clients’ processes,” said Jorge Posbeyikian, Managing Partner, P&B Associates. “Online documentation of ocean export shipments means better service for clients. Better client service means increased satisfaction levels, the most important feedback that a company could achieve. Only a partner with a global reach like INTTRA makes this level of support possible.”

Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, P&B Associates’ customer base is spread through Latin America and ranges from global logistics providers to freight forwarders to customs agents. Many countries in this area have adopted e-commerce and submit cargo data through e-commerce channels. This partnership allows P&B to expand its product market in the region and helps INTTRA customers expedite the data entry process.

Shippers will benefit as this alliance ensures cargo agents that all their documentation processes are controlled and validated by the INTTRA platform. For forwarding agents, this alliance increases productivity and accuracy of the information in their database and avoids the duplication of data entry.

“As INTTRA continues to expand, we look forward to working with strong partners such as P&B Associates,” said Jim Freeman, INTTRA Managing Director of Americas region. “With P&B’s renowned reputation in Latin America, this partnership will open the doors of e-commerce to many freight forwarders, allowing them to streamline their business processes. This is another example of how INTTRA is supporting the industry and providing further efficiencies to the supply chain.”