Projects call for increased sound reduction and other environmental and security considerations.

The Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority (PHA) approved about $25 million for construction contracts and projects, including sound reduction and environmental matters, at its regular meeting.


The Commission approved awarding a construction contract to Laughlin-Thyssen, Inc., for replacement of the fender system at Jacintoport Terminal and associated expenditure authority, for $5,757,420. The new fender system will replace the timber system that has deteriorated.


The Commission approved awarding a construction contract to Reytec Construction Resources, Inc., for Bayport Marine Gate Expansion, Stage 2 - Civil and Electrical, for $2,173,750. The gate requires expansion to accommodate increased cargo volumes resulting from the completion of phase 1, stage 1, of the container yard in January 2008.

The expansion of this gate is a part of the overall plan to develop Bayport’s container terminal in response to capacity demand.

Underground infrastructure is already in place, providing for minimal construction traffic and associated interruptions, while this portion of the project is being completed.

Commissioners approved a change order to Orion Construction, L.P., for Bayport Cruise Terminal Complex - Phase 1 wharf and dredging for $1,666,943. The change order will provide for 180,000 cubic yards of advanced dredging work. Electric dredge equipment will be used to provide reduced sound and air emissions as part of PHA’s commitment to environmental quality and to accommodate the request of nearby residents. This phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of October 2007.

Commissioners approved a contract amendment with HFP Acoustical Consultants for additional funds of up to $75,000 for the professional services of acoustical consulting and operating and maintaining the sound monitoring system for the Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal. The services also include assisting with the development and implementation of additional noise mitigation measures at the terminal. This will assist with the Shoreacres and La Porte mayors’ request for a pilot program to address residents’ responses to sound from the construction and operation of Bayport.

Commissioners approved advertisement and receipt of competitive sealed proposals for Bayport Phase 1 Wharf Advanced Dredging and Mooring at an estimated cost range of $8.5 million to $9 million. Additional mooring space is required at the current Bayport Container Terminal to accommodate longer ships. Necessary work includes dredging to the east and west of the wharves and construction of a new mooring point in each location. The specifications of this project include improved sound reduction measures for the dredge and supporting equipment and sound reduction plans for other equipment used during this project. These additional requirements are the port authority’s commitment to its neighbors in Shoreacres and La Porte to reduce sound during the construction of the Bayport Terminal.

Commissioners approved a request for qualifications for professional engineering services for materials testing services for Bayport Terminal Complex wharf and dredging, Berth 3.


Commissioners approved awarding a construction contract to T.W. LaQuay Dredging, Inc., for maintenance dredging of Woodhouse and Sims Bayou berthing areas for $1,400,000. Dredging is required to restore adequate draft to the berthing areas at the two terminals. This project is designed to permit ship carriers to deliver capacity loads in an efficient manner, allowing the port authority to retain its competitive advantage.


Commissioners approved awarding a contract to Forklift Systems of Texas, Ltd., dba Mustang Industrial Equipment Company, for the purchase of five yard tractors for Barbours Cut Terminal for $395,000. After evaluating the competitive sealed proposals to determine