Acting Executive Director highlights PHA’s 2008 record year

The Port Commission of The Port of Houston Authority (PHA) approved $33.8 million for electric cranes at Bayport Container Terminal as well as a request for qualifications for professional services for the design of Stevedore Support Building No. 2 at Bayport, at its February 18 meeting.

Also at the meeting, PHA Acting Executive Director Wade M. Battles presented the Year-End Review, reporting that PHA realized its ninth consecutive year of record-breaking revenue in 2008.

Battles highlighted eight system-wide priority areas in which PHA achieved success: a premier container, cargo and cruise port; financial strength; economic development; a safe and secure port; improving our facilities and waterways; environmental protector, steward; strong community, industry and government relations; and a strong workplace.

“While PHA is fortunate to have such an extraordinary record of achievements in 2008, we must be realistic in light of the current economic downturn,” Battles said. “Our diversified portfolio is an advantage during these uncertain times, but we are being extremely prudent with our budget and looking at other opportunities to use our facilities, such as non-traditional cargo. Despite these precautions, PHA will continue to operate as a first-class organization that responds proactively to the needs of our customers and community.”

Commissioners approved awarding a contract to Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Company, Ltd., for three dockside electric container cranes for Bayport Terminal for $33,796,000. The cranes will be manufactured, assembled and tested in the Peoples Republic of China.

A separate contract will be required for third party inspection services. The operation of the terminal depends on the availability of dockside container cranes for loading and unloading container ships. At buildout, Bayport will be able to handle an annual container volume of about 2.3 million twenty-foot equivalent units or TEUs.