In a recent trucker survey conducted by The Barton Group, Total Terminals International, a joint venture between Hanjin Shipping and Marine Terminals Corp. that operates Pier T Container Terminal in Long Beach, was named most often ’ by 42%‘as being among the “top two” terminals in the Los Angeles/Long Beach harbor complex, surpassing by 11% the next most-frequently mention terminals.

The survey took place several days in April 2005. With guaranteed anonymity, 209 truckers were given survey forms to complete as they entered the Hanjin/TTI facility. They were asked to check the top two terminals from a list of ten comparable local terminals. No specific criteria were suggested by the research team. The choice was completely a function of the drivers’ own preferences and experiences. The completed forms were collected as the exited the terminal.

Although this survey was conducted prior to the beginning of the PierPASS weekend/night gates program, the facility’s smooth operation continued to earn high praise for the first night shift under the new program, which began on July 25, from 6:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. July 26. According to a July 27, 2005 article by Eric Johnson in the Long Beach Press Telegram, “Trucking officials said only the Hanjin and Maersk’the newest and largest terminals in Long Beach and L.A.—ran smoothly. Both terminals have already operated intermittently at night.”

TTI Vice President of Customer Service and Sales Frank Capo said the main reason for surveying the truckers is that their direct input has been useful to TTI’s continual improvement through the years as it remains committed to operating an efficient terminal where all the stakeholders benefit.

“At Pier T, TTI’s most important goal is to ensure a high level of user customer satisfaction which is not simply limited to our direct customers, the steamship lines, but equally important are the truck drivers and beneficial cargo owners,” Capo said. “The truck drivers’ opinions and satisfaction are essential to TTI being considered a first-tier, well-run facility, especially when you consider with both day and night shifts, we are realizing well more than 4000 gate moves daily!”