On December 3, 2005, the Fairview Cove Container Terminal, operated by Cerescorp Company, handled thirteen pieces of a windmill. Three of the longest blades measured 29.1 meters in length and weighed 4.6 metric tons. Shipped to the Port of Halifax on Atlantic Container Line’s Atlantic Compass (v 6228), the blades were shipped from Germany where they were manufactured by Vensys Energie Systeme GMBH and Co. KG of Germany. The blades are being transported by truck (Mills Heavy Hauling) to Springhill, Nova Scotia where the windmill will be erected. This is Vensys Energie Systeme GMBH’s first windmill in Canada. More will follow.

T.L. Shipping Services Ltd., along with their agent, Aquarius Shipping in Germany, have arranged the entire transport of this windmill from origin to sight.