The Port of Halifax signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Port of Haiphong yesterday.  Karen Oldfield, President & CEO of the Halifax Port Authority was visiting the Port of Haiphong as part of the Atlantic Gateway trade mission to Vietnam.

“Vietnam is a South East Asian country that works geographically for the Port of Halifax and our customers.  Asian volumes over the Port of Halifax continue to grow with nearly half of our import containerized cargo now originating in South East Asia,” said Karen Oldfield. “The Port of Haiphong is a fast growing Vietnamese container port that we have targeted as a partner to generate new business.”

The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding by the Port of Halifax and the Port of Haiphong is to enhance cooperation to identify business opportunities, increase awareness of the ports, exchange information, and initiate joint marketing initiatives.

The MOU recognizes that the Port of Haiphong is a gateway or “border port” for trade between Northern Vietnam and South East Asia, and the Port of Halifax is a gateway port for Canada and North America.