The Clean Air Strategy Plan (CASP) is the Port of Houston Authority’s ongoing plan to reduce maritime and port-related emissions. The Port Authority’s environmental management program employs proactive approaches that protect, conserve and integrate sustainable goals and strategies into recommendations and guidance that yield measurable results. The CASP was initiated with the realization that the Port Authority has an important role in facilitating and encouraging significant emission reductions and promoting air quality awareness along the Houston Ship Channel and throughout the region.

The purpose of the CASP is to develop and implement a voluntary plan to reduce emissions from maritime and associated transportation sources servicing ship channel industries. This plan benefits the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria community; assisting the state of Texas and EPA in reducing the harmful health effects of multiple pollutants and potential economic repercussions.

The focus of the CASP is to strategically develop economically feasible ways to implement emission reductions from maritime-related interests in the greater Port of Houston area. As a distinction, the Port of Houston includes the Port Authority as well as 150-plus private industries along the Houston Ship Channel. The majority of the properties along the Houston Ship Channel are privately owned by industries that create the second-largest petrochemical complex in the world.