​“This is a great achievement and the Port of Longview is pleased to have been a part of it,” said Geir-Eilif Kalhagen, Chief Executive Officer for the Port of Longview. “Our partnership with TPT has resulted in great benefits for the Port and the community as a whole.”

The Pacific Northwest’s once-stagnating log export business has surged since 2010 as China and other Pacific Rim countries looked to the West for additional wood sources to help meet their growing building industry demands.

“We’re very proud of this milestone and are looking forward to the next 150 million,” said Jerry Ashby, president of TPT U.S. “A big thanks to the many people who helped get us here. Longview offers an experienced labor force, efficient support services, and a great central location to export timber from the region.”

A board-foot is 1 foot long, 1 foot wide and 1 inch thick. End-to-end, 150 million board-feet would stretch just more than once around the globe. That many logs is the equivalent of 30 full ship loads at the Port, enough wood to fill 40,000 log trucks, supply wood for more than 9,300 homes and provide a year of full-time work for 20 longshoremen.

With steady demand from Asia, log exports are once again a key source of revenue for the Port of Longview, creating jobs throughout the region in the forests, truck and rail transportation and at the Port itself.