With the help of the entire Port community, the Port of New Orleans today lived up to its promise to work its first commercial cargo vessel on or before Wednesday, Sept. 14.

New Orleans Restarts

The Lykes Flyer, operated by CP Ships docked at the Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal Sept. 13 around 7:15 p.m. P&O Ports worked the ship during the night and it set sail the morning of Sept. 14. The ship holds the equivalent of 3,200 twenty foot long cargo containers (3,200 teus). It took approximately eight hours to work the cargo using cranes mounted on the ship.

For about 70 longshoremen it was their first opportunity for work in New Orleans.

“This is a team accomplishment that represents the creative thinking and contributions of more than a 100 members of the port community. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our shipping lines, our terminal operators, our labor force, our freight forwards, the pilots and a host of others,” said Gary LaGrange, President and CEO. “We also couldn’t have done it without the help of the federal government, particularly the Department of Transportation, the Coast Guard and the Corps of Engineers.”

“This sends a message out to the world that this Port community is made up of survivors. And even though we will continue to face many struggles on the journey ahead, we will make this port bigger and better,” LaGrange said.

Other terminal operators are also working hard to re-establish their operations in the Port. Pacorini USA, Inc., which operates the Alabo Street Wharf, has inspected its terminal and are working on some cleanup and minor repairs.

Also, the US Customs Service is setting up an office within the administration of the Port of New Orleans, while continuing to operate from their offices in Baton Rouge.