Another new, towering ship-to-shore crane (STS) is coming to the Port of Oakland this week. The crane will be delivered to the Everport marine terminal at Oakland run by Everport Terminal Services, Inc. (ETS).

This investment in a new, STS container crane will enhance the infrastructure and cargo operations at ETS' terminal in Oakland. The new crane has a lift height from the dock of 170 feet.

New container cranes help keep the Port of Oakland competitive so it can continue to attract and handle the largest vessels calling North America. Ultimately, infrastructure, like this new crane at Oakland’s waterfront, contribute to growing the maritime business in Northern California and generating jobs in the region, the Port said.

ETS ordered the crane from Shanghai-based ZPMC. The crane is expected to arrive at the Oakland Seaport later this week. First, the ZPMC ship carrying the giant crane will anchor out near Pt. Reyes, Marin County, California, beginning this evening, June 21, for a few days. Pt. Reyes is about 30 miles west-northwest of the San Francisco Bay. 

The ship’s crew will do some preparatory work so that the ZPMC crane will fit under the iconic Golden Gate and San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridges on the final leg of its journey from China to the Port of Oakland. The passage of the partially assembled ZPMC crane underneath the bridges is expected to be visually dramatic.

Once the STS crane is delivered to the Everport marine terminal at Oakland, it will take about two months for the crane to be reassembled, tested, and commissioned into service.