The Port of Stockton and the Port of West Sacramento will be making available their Requests for Proposal (RFP) for a terminal operations and facilities manager for its M580/I80 Marine Highway Corridor Project.

The ports are seeking an experienced, proven multimodal and logistics company whose purpose is to oversee and manage a comprehensive business model supporting this Container-on-Barge Service (the M580/I80 Marine Highway Project).

The M580/I80 Marine Highway Project is funded through DOT/MARAD and the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. The $13.5 million funding for the Port of Stockton is designed to create jobs and economic benefits, both locally and regionally. Both ports, working together, have determined that given the facilities in place at the Port of Stockton, Phase 1 of the project from the Port of Oakland to the Port of Stockton would be implemented first. The funding for the Port of Stockton will be used to procure (2) two 140-ton mobile harbor cranes, dockside improvements in the form of demolition projects to enhance operational efficiencies, rail extension completing an on-dock and off-dock rail loop system, and a near-dock rail served container yard. In addition, the Ports of Oakland, Stockton and West Sacramento, in concert with San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, will be providing $3.2 million dollars collectively to purchase a minimum of one barge (preferably two) to support the M580/I80 Marine Highway Project.

The primary goal of the RFP is to establish a true public private partnership, resulting in a privately financed for-profit business not requiring on-going monetary subsidies from governmental or public agencies.

The resultant outcome will be a Management/License Agreement between the selected Respondent and the Port of Stockton as part of the Phase 1 Marine Highway Project.

This RFP is Phase I of a two-phase development. Phase II will incorporate the Port of West Sacramento. The Port of West Sacramento has secured $8.5 million dollars to procure a 120-ton mobile harbor crane and construct a new warehouse supporting the project. Insofar as the M580/I80 Marine Highway Project is a phased program and recognizing that the ports of Stockton and West Sacramento have differences including, but not limited to, property design, operational management and methods of governances, the ports agree in principal to finding a company that brings the greatest number of assets and qualification further identified below, but that each port has its own distinct characteristics that would have to be addressed individually.

The project’s goal as defined by the Department of Transportation and the U.S. Maritime Administration is to have inaugural service established between the Port of Stockton and terminal operator(s) at the Port of Oakland. It is not incumbent of the Respondent to bundle the Request for Proposals for both inland ports at this time. This Request for Proposal is to assist the ports of Stockton and West Sacramento in selecting a qualified and experienced logistics management company with the greatest number of deliverables in the aforementioned phased sequence. The Respondent, with the Port of Stockton providing general assistance and oversight, will be directly responsible for overseeing all requisite and essential key components of the M580/I80 Marine Highway Project that will provide the greatest opportunity for success.

Details of the Port of Stockton’s RFP can be reviewed on the Port of Stockton’s Web site:, or by contacting Port of Stockton Deputy Port Director Mark Tollini at 209-949-0246. The Port of West Sacramento’s RFP can be found on its Web site:, or by contacting Port of West Sacramento Port Manager Mike Luken at 916-617-4881.

The primary need for a multimodal logistics company is to enhance the Port of Stockton’s and the Port of West Sacramento’s omni-modal system with an intermodal system that will allow the ports to bring previously under-