Port of Vancouver USA welcomed the Nona Bulker, commanded by Capt. Rodolfo G. Aponte of the Philippines, on its maiden voyage to the port.

Aponte and his 20-member crew were welcomed to Vancouver by Mike Vail, vice president of operations for Pacific Coast Shredding, Chris Cummins, president of PNW Ship and Cargo Services; Marlin Pulliam, superintendent for Ports America, Char Waits of Cascade Awards along with port representatives Lars Uglum, Pete Boch and Debbie Taylor. The Nona Bulker was built in Japan at the Hakodate Shipyard and launched in January 2009. It is nearly 576 feet in length, has deadweight of 31,922 tons. The crew for the vessel’s first visit to the Port of Vancouver USA was from the Philippines.

The Nona Bulker is owned by J. Lauritzen Singapore PTE, Ltd. and operated by Lauritzen Bulker A/S.

PNW Ship and Cargo Services (USA), Inc. is the agent for J. Lauritzen Singapore PTE, Ltd.

This shipment for Pacific Coast Shredding/Metro Metals was the largest shipment to date. Pacific Coast Shredding has been a long-term industrial tenant at the port. PCS has also been a marine customer, exporting its steel shred for reuse around the world.

After leaving Vancouver, the vessel sailed for its final destination of Nanjin, China to discharge the scrap metal.