PortMiami announced that the first direct shipment of Peruvian blueberries recently arrived at the port, ready for immediate distribution. The shipment, delivered on APL Lines, is part of PortMiami’s successful cold treatment pilot program authorized by the United States Department of Agriculture.

PortMiami’s cold treatment pilot program began last October and has opened a new trade route between Peru and Miami by allowing the direct import of cold treatment grapes and blueberries directly to Miami.

“PortMiami is very pleased at the arrival of this inaugural shipment from Peru,” said Port Director Bill Johnson. “This is great news for shippers and consumers alike, as using PortMiami extends shelf life and gets fruit rapidly to consumers.”

PortMiami is the closest U.S. port to the fruit-growing regions of the Americas and provides a direct link to the southeastern U.S. Time is money when it comes to perishable goods and using newly-opened routes via PortMiami ensures the most efficient delivery of goods to markets along the eastern seaboard and into America’s heartland. As a part of this new pilot, produce from Peru that arrived at PortMiami has been sent to markets such as Atlanta, Maryland and Chicago.

Pat Compres and Maria Bermudez of Advance Customs Brokers & Consulting agree: “It’s a great opportunity for the produce industry in general. With this, come other avenues for shipping and the opening of possible new markets. We worked hard with our partners in Peru to bring the product to Miami and are thrilled to be part of this new and exciting program.”

The pilot program is a great addition to protocols that expedite the processing of perishables through the Port. Using PortMiami as a perishables gateway allows the distribution of goods to market more quickly than many Northeastern ports, which often face congestion challenges and winter weather delays.