The Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor launched an exciting electric vehicle demonstration program today. This pilot program is unique in its focus. Heavy-duty trucks, yard jockeys and forklifts are now available to port operators, businesses and trucking companies to use as part of real-world port trucking operations.

Featured at the port today were leading Class 8 electric semis from Peterbilt and Nikola and electric yard tractor manufacturer MAFI. New equipment, including a forklift and a variety of heavy-duty electric-powered trucks, will be made available throughout the program for all interested port tenants and trucking companies to demo.

This program is part of the Ports of Indiana’s broader initiatives to achieve a greener, energy-resilient and sustainable port.

“Ports are all about transportation and logistical connections,” said Andrea Hermer, Ports of Indiana’s chief operating officer. “We are looking at electricity and other sources of energy in the same way – critical connections to port operations and the future.”

The Ports of Indiana is collaborating with Current Trucking, who along with Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), has provided the vehicles, chargers and operational support during the pilot. NIPSCO is supplying power to support industrial-grade DC fast chargers at the port.

“We are showcasing the best available heavy-haul electrification technology from the industry’s leading manufacturers,” said Pip Decker, Current Trucking founder and project team member. “We hope to demonstrate to operators how emobility adoption reduces total operating costs.”

Hermer agrees. “Connecting best available technology with port users is key to gaining their confidence in implementing electric-power into their trucking operations,” said Hermer. “Having port businesses participate in the program, including Bulk Equipment Corp., is essential for a successful program and ultimate adoption at the port.”